Model 3: Direct institution to institution agreement

Model 3

  • The teaching institution and the home institution negotiate the course(s), and shared tuition
  • The tuition could be shared 50/50, 60/40 for the teaching institution, or another variation, depending on the input and labor from each institution
  • Home institution students register at the home institution
  • Teaching institution typically has enough students to run the course whether or not there are enrollments from the home institution
  • The home institution sends the student data to the teaching institution, which is entered in the LMS and not the SIS
  • The students are transcripted at the home institution
  • The teaching institution faculty are considered adjuncts at the home institution
  • The teaching institution bills the home institution an agreed-upon rate or flat fee

Need consulting to make it happen? Contact your CAREOnline representative(s) for assistance in working out the details.

Model 3 - Institution to Institution Agreement

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